How to Start a Cookie Business from Home

Little girl on kitchen kneads doughVirtually everyone loves cookies. We make them all the time in our kitchens or we buy them or the store or serve them to guests at our homes – but why not turn an enjoyable hobby into a lucrative business?

Starting a cookie business from home provides lots of opportunities for creative entrepreneurs. It can be run party tim or full time.

These small delicious treats can be sold online, in retail stores or by delivery.  Many people purchase them in bulk for parties – and even businesses get them for corporate events.

There are also several markets that you can cater to, such as  young kids, gluten free eaters, the organic market, sugar-free dieters, etc.. You may decide to start a cupcake business instead or sell other bakery items (this is a cool site for that) instead or other sell bakery items.

With so many avenues that entrepreneurs can take, it makes sense for people who love to bake to take their skills to market and share their talents with the world. If you start on a small scale – you can actually risk very little while opening yourself to significant profit potential and a business that is truly fun.

Colorful french macaroonsFirst, choose the market you want to target and the product or type of products that you want to sell. This can be as simple as identifying a need in your local community that is not yet being met. For example, there may be lots of retail bakeries in your city, but do any of them offer gluten-free cookies?

Second, if you plan on baking out of your kitchen, contact your city for information on business requirements and health codes that you must meet. Usually, this involves a few small fees and inspections and you can be on your way to rolling in the profits.

Want to sell your cookies online? Setting up your own online store may be easier and cheaper than you think. Check out this resource on 13 Ways You Can Start an Online Store for Free.

Get one cookie business owner’s thoughts on running a bakery from home. It’s not all rainbows, as you’ll see. There are ups and downs to the business, and we can all learn from this entrepreneur’s experience to help make our businesses better and more profitable.